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New PS Plus Gets The Thumbs-Up From Take-Two: ‘We Can’t Afford To Turn Our Business Upside Down’

Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two, has firmly backed Sony’s new PlayStation Plus service, which focuses more on a catalogue choice of games rather than getting releases out on day one alongside their retail counterparts.

Speaking with, the executive noted that subscription day one releases “doesn’t make any sense to us” in terms of economics, and that he isn’t sure consumers are ready to buy into the idea, either.

Our scepticism has been around making frontline console products available day and date with subscription. That doesn’t make any sense to us, because economically speaking, we don’t think consumers are prepared to pay for that. And we can’t afford to turn our business upside down in a way that doesn’t make sense economically.

There always has to be an intersection between what the consumer wants and what the publisher is able to do. And you know, it doesn’t make sense to do that for our properties. That’s our opinion, and I think Sony agrees with us, because it said so.

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It can potentially be great for catalogue properties, sales of properties that have been in the market for a while and their price has been reduced. It can make economic sense to offer those on a subscription basis.

The new PS Plus rolled out earlier this week in the US and repositions the service with a three-tier subscription model. There’s PS Plus Essential (the service as you’ve known it for 12 years), PS Plus Extra (adds content from PS Now with PS4 & PS5 games) and PS Premium (all of the above plus PS3, PS2, PS3, & PSP games).

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