New PS4 Controller vs original DualShock 4: what’s the difference?

Sony’s new PS4 Controller launches alongside the PS4 Slim on September 15, and will also be bundled with PS4 Pro in November, but how does it differ from the original DualShock 4?

Well, in terms of the way it looks it’s practically identical to the original controller, including its buttons and black aesthethic.

Here’s the original DualShock 4.

original ds4

 Here’s the new DualShock 4, model number CUH-ZCT2

new dualshock 4

The one, new defining aesthetic change is the shift of the blue light-bar from the top of the controller on the older model, to just above the touch-pad on the new DS4.

The only other change is that the new PlayStation 4 controller features USB communication. Unlike the original DS4, it means you’ll be able to play games either wirelessly or via a USB cable.

Other features, such as battery, motion-sensing functionality and Bluetooth support remain the same, as well as its wireless connectivity.

Full DualShock 4 specs

ps4 controller spec sheet

The new PS4 controller will retail at $59/€59/£54 separately, and will come bundled with the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.