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New PS5 Update Lets You Remove Irksome Screenshot Confirmation Icon

Sony’s newly-launched PS5 system software update adds a number of key features – least of all the support for M.2 SSDs – but one of the lesser-known additions if the removal of something that has become a thorn in players’ sides since launch, namely the screenshot confirmation icon.

The icon in question would appear at any point when players snapped a screenshot, popping up in the corner of the screen.

This would become an issue for players when taking multiple screens in quick succession, as an icon would pop up after every shot, making things cluttered. This is due to the fact PS5 doesn’t separate its OS user interface from whatever game is being played.

Thanks to the new PS5 firmware however, there’s an option in the Capture settings that lets you switch the icon off. Simply turn off the option marked ‘Display Save Confirmation for Screenshots’ and you’re good to go.

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The new PS5 system software update is out now, so be sure to go and grab it.

[Source – VGC]