New PSP JRPG Class of Heroes II announced, ‘playable on PS Vita’

MonkeyPaw Games seeks to keep Japanese RPGs alive by releasing a trailer for its upcoming PSP title Class of Heroes II.

Advertised as playable on the PlayStation Vita, this PlayStation Portable title has a lot in its arsenal, donning ten classes, such as ninja, sorcerer, puppeteer, and novice; many races, such as the Diablos, dwarves, humans, fairies, and a race called the Felbur; and a major amount of explorable content. Among that content includes over two hundred dungeons and more than one hundred monsters to defeat. Class of Heroes II looks to feature a similar play style to the remade original Persona game that released on the PSP last year, where players explore dungeons in first person.

Surely, it’s great to see more JRPG love, but is it really appropriate to bring it to the PSP, Sony’s old handheld? Though, the PlayStation 2 lasted a little while longer after the PlayStation 3 released, and some of the best games to grace the console came around that time. Do you guys think releasing more PSP games is a waste? Think about that while you watch this gameplay trailer for Class of Heroes II, set for release this fall for PSP.

Via PS Blog