New Resident Evil details explore the Molded creatures

Resident Evil 7: biohazard producer Jun Takeuchi has revealed some tantalizing new tidbits on the Molded creatures found in the upcoming survival horror title.

Resident Evil 7 Molded creatures explained

Speaking with GamesRadar, Takeuchi, who also helmed the multi-million selling actioner Resident Evil 5 back in 2009, explained that there’s a reason as to why these creatures exist (hence the name Molded), but suggested there won’t be a nefarious Albert Wesker-type behind everything this time around.

Maybe in previous games, you’d beat a few creatures and then mid-bosses or later bosses are the ‘faces’ behind it all, or the people who are pulling the strings," he said. "We wanted it to be pretty clear from the start that this is what’s happening – you’ve come here for this reason, the situation is not what you thought it was but your goal is very immediately clear that you need to get away from these crazy people in this house." 

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"With the previous titles’ viruses, it’s always been a case of people get infected by some sort of biohazard accident or something like that," explained Takeuchi-san "But with Resident Evil 7’s story you can infer from the name, the Molded, [that] there’s an intention there. There’s a human intention to mould something or to create something." While he won’t hint who could have done that, he does add, "that’s part of the backstory of these creatures, that I think will set them a little bit apart from maybe what you’re expecting from a typical Resident Evil ‘infection’ based enemy."

Capcom has set a U.S. and European Resident Evil 7 release date for January 24, 2017 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The game will be fully playable in PlayStation VR, a feature that will remain exclusive to Sony’s flagship console for around one year. After that, it can be assumed VR functionality will be added to other versions of the game.

Resident Evil 7 is set four years after the events of its predecessor, and takes place on a sprawling plantation settlement in the fictional town of Dulvey, Louisiana. Players control newcomer Ethan Winters, who travels to the residence of the mysterious Baker family to track down his missing wife. However, in typical Resi fashion, things aren’t as simple as that, and he soon finds himself fighting tooth and nail to stay alive.

Be sure to download the Resident Evil 7 demo now, which has been updated with its final patch and now supports PSVR and PS4 Pro.