New Silent Hill 5 details revealed

The Silent Hill series has been raising the bar for horrifically scary environments ever since it’s PlayStation debut, and this latest addition to the franchise is no exception. Silent Hill 5’s developer, The Collective, is adding a few new features to make this already terrifying series even more unnerving.

Gone are the days of boring static environments that Silent Hill fans are accustomed too. With the Havok engine in-hand, objects in Silent Hill now have real-time physics. That means a careless player could knock into a chair, which might hit a table causing the lamp on the table to fall and alert the presence of a near-by monster. This could also set the stage for a whole series of puzzles and Easter-eggs the series is known for.

Silent Hill 5 is also using real-time world deterioration. Much like the Silent Hill movie, the "real" world will change around you into the more "demonic" version of the city. This means our beloved hospitals and elementary schools will become bloody and deadly instantaneously. Coupled with epic boss battles to make the most hardened veteran’s blood run cold, it’s easy to see why Silent Hill 5 will redefine survival horror when it launches on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 early next year.

Source: PS3fanboy (via Electronic Gaming Monthly)