New Siren: Blood Curse details

Sony has revealed that the upcoming Siren: Blood Curse will in fact be released as a series of downloadable episodic content for the PlayStation Network later this year.

Officially unveiled at the company’s PlayStation Day event yesterday, Blood Curse will be split into "twelve TV-style, suspense-packed downloadable episodes,” each of which are due to be released over short intervals starting this summer.

The Survival Horror title takes place in the Japanese settlement of Hanuda, where a US TV crew are on location investigating the legend of the "Vanished Village", which is said to have played host to human sacrifice 30 years ago.

Players will eventually "discover the horrific curse that haunts Hanuda", and must battle against hordes of the living dead in an effort to rescue the survivors.

The game will also utilize a Sight-Jack system similar to previous instalments in the series, allowing you to view the action from the perspective of your deadly foes.

Stay tuned for more information on Siren: Blood Curse as it becomes available.