Electronic Entertainment Expose [E3] 2008 News

New Sonic Unleashed trailer and info released

SEGA has unveiled a brand new trailer for its latest entry in the venerable Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, Sonic Unleashed.

The footage itself showcases the much talked about ‘Werehedgehog’ gameplay mechanic, depicting Sonic’s transformation into his beastly alter-go following an encounter with Dr. Eggman before battling against groups of enemies.

In addition, a recent interview posted by Joystiq reveals that the game will take place in a variety of ‘real world’ locations, including Europe, Greece, China and Africa. Furthermore, aside from the addition of a second character for use in various mini games, players will find themselves controlling Sonic in both regular and Werehog form for the entire game.

Lastly, speaking in regards to the possibility of a demo, Producer Patrick Riley commented, "Yes, the current plan is to release a playable demo shortly before or right around release."

Check out the trailer below.

Sonic Unleashed is scheduled for release in November 2008.