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New Sony Patent Indicates It Could Be Possible To Use Old PS3 Peripherals With PS5

Sony’s latest patent seems to suggest that the company is working on a way to make peripherals from the PS3 era work with a PS5 through emulation.

The patent is called “Systems and Methods for Converting A Legacy Code Into An Updated Code”, and it includes images that seem to suggest devices from the PlayStation Eye to a PS Move controller could potentially work with modern consoles.

You can see the photo for yourself, here:

What’s particularly interesting is that this also seems to suggest even old memory cards could potentially be used.

While this patent seems exciting, it doesn’t mean by any stretch that this is a patch Sony is definitely going down. This would not be the first nor certainly the last patent for Sony to secure only for it to never be implemented.

It also doesn’t seem like emulating for previous generations is really a concern of Sony’s, especially considering that now we know all PS3 games available through the new tiered PlayStation Plus can be streamed only.

Source – [GameRant]