New The Last of Us details drop

Fresh details on Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic horror romp The Last of Us have surfaced via M! Magazine(via Gamechub).

According to the publication, hero Joel will boast hit detection, meaning he’ll offer a visual representation of where he’s injured. For example, if his left arm takes a hit, he’ll grasp the wound in pain with his other hand. This will also cause blood loss and make the screen turn red.

Players will then need to patch up the injury by removing the bullet and then disinfecting the area, before binding the wound.

The consequences of Joel’s injuries extend beyond just cosmetic touches, too. For one, if you’re injured you won’t be able to wield a weapon such as the Shotgun with the precision you normally would if you weren’t hurt.

Elsewhere, blindfire won’t be featured in The Last of Us. Ammunition is a rare commodity in the game, and as such you will need to make every shot count. Pressing R1 without aiming will merely bring up the crafting menu.

Players can disable the ‘listen’ feature if they wish, while those of you using headphones will be able to discern every single sound that emanates from the infected enemies. Listen mode allows Joel to see through walls too, apparently.

The Last of Us is due out exclusively on PlayStation in June.