New The Last of Us details revealed

Members of the Naughty Dog team spoke with Playstation Magazine UK about how very different The Last of Us is going to be compared to Uncharted.

It’s been speculated that since The Last of Us is using the same game engine that Uncharted 3 used, The Last of Us will play like U3. Neil Druckman from Naughty Dog proves otherwise by saying, "When you look at film, or comics… it’s all about the characters. It’s all about the pressures of the world forcing them to make really difficult decisions." The Last of Us looks to hold a much more complicated scenario than what was depicted in Uncharted, simply because the game looks to force a decision instead of the story playing on a linear plane. 

Druckmann speculated a bit on storytelling by saying, "How much backstory can I get in there about the science? The conspiracy of the government! Who unleashed the virus – bleurgh! It has nothing to do with the characters." The Last of Us definitely looks to be more about the characters than the scenario, which sounds quite refreshing.

Druckmann looks to have a more enclosed experience in store for The Last of Us. Perhaps it could have multiple paths to tread, since "the pressures of the world" can most definitely cause multiple outcomes. Would multiple storylines be appealing to a game like this? it won’t include multiplayer after all.