New trailer for The Witness is quiet and beautiful

 Braid creator Jonathon Blow’s studio Thekla Inc have released an unusual new trailer for its upcoming open world puzzler The Witness.

The trailer shows us a long panning shot of the game’s puzzle-filled island, and oddly features no background music, instead relying on the ambient noise of the island itself. Things take an even stranger turn, as The Witness’ world features no birds or insects, so the already remote area has an unatural quietness to it that is well worth hearing. The game itself will also have no musical soundtrack.

As you can see from the trailer, The Witness is easy on the eyes, even if it is a bit unnerving on the ears.

The Witness will feature more than 600 puzzles to be solved in any order you choose, and it will take around 70 hours to properly complete the game. Creator Jonathon Blow once stated he expects very few people to complete the game’s final puzzle without assistance.

Not long to find out how true that is, as The Witness is out January 26, and is a timed console exclusive for PS4.