New ‘Uprising’ DUST 514 build deploys May 6

DUST 514 players will finally get to play the hotly anticipated next build titled ‘Uprising’ when it launches on May 6th. Set to coincide with the 10 year anniversary of EVE Online, the update promises to be the biggest so far, bringing a whole slew of new game features.

Among these new goodies is the Planetary Conquest mode that PSU reported on recently. Corporations will be able to contend for real estate as they battle to acquire and defend their very own districts upon planets in New Eden. Get further details in our article on this exciting and unique new game mode.

Also coming is a graphical overhaul. According to the press release, "The overall visual experience of DUST 514 is improved and enhanced by an optimised graphics engine. The maps and environments of DUST 514 are sharper, faster, and better than ever."

Mercenaries will have new toys to play with including an Active Scanner which exposes those in the area with a sonic pulse, stealth camouflage and a portable shield bubble. You can learn more about these new tools in CCP’s developer blog. Additionally, new maps, game modes and "an improved user experience that is cleaner and easier, getting players into the action quickly" will be brought into the fray in May.

DUST 514 is a free-to-play MMOFPS game exclusively on PS3. It’s currently in open beta and available for all to download and try. Stay tuned to PSU for news and updates as they arrive.

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