New Warhawk SKU drifts to the US

Warhawk fans will mostly likely know that there are currently two ways to purchase the multiplayer-only game.

The first option is to download the game via PlayStation Network for $39.99. While that may be cheap, gamers must take into consideration that only the user account with which the game was downloaded under may be granted access to play it on the given PS3 console. Also, the game is stationary meaning that it can not be taken anywhere like a normal hardcopy, unless you are willing to drag (airlift?) the PS3 to your destination. The second is to purchase the game from a store the old fashion way, allowing you more freedom than the downloadable version. The Blu-ray version sells for $59.99 and comes equipped with a Bluetooth headset.

However, as confirmed to the Level Up Blog, later this month PlayStation 3 gamers will have a third option to purchase Warhawk. An SCEA rep revealed that you’ll be able to buy a hardcopy at a store for $39.99, but without the Bluetooth headset. This leaves little reason to purchase the downloadable version.

Currently this stands only for the US market as there has not been any official word if it will also take place in Europe or elsewhere around the world.

Warhawk is an intense multiplayer game that utilizes air and ground combat with up to 32 players. Players may battle it out in a range of games such as Team Deathmatch, Territories Mode, and Capture the Flag.

Source: Eurogamer