Newest game to "flOw" onto PSP

The U.K.’s Official PlayStation site has set the internet ablaze with a rumor of the latest downloadable title for the PSP. The rumored game is the cleverly original title, flOw, that debuted on the PS3 not too long ago.

The game’s product page on the UK site shows the game as being released on the handheld system. The details have it as being released as a downloadable title in January of 2008, with the site claiming that users will be able to, "Download flOw from PLAYSTATION Store (PC) and discover the unique wonder of an uncharted aquatic world.". Other details included are that the game will feature ad-hoc multiplayer of 2-4 players but no infrastructure multiplayer.

To avoid thinking it is a typo, or page error, the game has already been listed on the ESRB’s official website as well. When asked about the release of Flow on the PSP, Sony responded, "SCEA has no official announcements at this time," said Scott Goryl, a public relations specialist with Sony.

Check out flOw’s official PSP game page on the UK PlayStation site here.