Next Mass Effect game is ‘in development’, will use Frostbite 2

A blog post by the studio director of Bioware Montreal confirms that the next Mass Effect game is currently in development and will be something of a departure from previous entries.

‘Yanick’ first describes the formation of Bioware Montreal, which grew into a large development branch after being seeded by transfers from the Edmonton studio that developed all three Mass Effect games. Ultimately, Bioware Montreal’s contributions to the saga were innumerable, including developing about half of the cinematics in Mass Effect 2, the multiplayer portion and certain campaign segments of Mass Effect 3, and the upcoming ‘Omega’ DLC for Mass Effect 3. Now, with the first Mass Effect trilogy in the books, BioWare Montreal is taking on full development duties for future entries in the series. The new legacy will begin with a game that is built upon "the amazing technology of Frostbite" with enhancements currently being employed by the Dragon Age III team.

While details on potential plot and gameplay elements were scarce, Yanick confirmed that Casey Hudson would return as Executive Producer, but this time with a Project Director working beneath him to handle day-to-day decision-making on the game’s progress. Yanick hinted that the team is exploring "new ideas on the gameplay and story fronts" to coincide with the switch to a new engine, but fans can still expect the same pillars of "diverse alien races, a huge galaxy to explore, and of course rich, cinematic storytelling."

Are you excited for the Mass Effect franchise to take bold new directions? Were you satisfied with the conclusion to the first saga? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to for more on the future of Mass Effect.