NGP won’t just be for the ‘ultra-rich,’ says SCEE

Sony’s reiterated that its much-anticipated Next-Generation Portable (NGP) won’t cost an arm and a leg when it finally launches later this year.

That’s according to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) vice president Jim Ryan, who told PSM3 (via CVG) that the handheld’s price will be aligned to cater to all types of gamers, and not just those who are totally minted.

Ryan said the PSP successor would be “affordable,” before clarifying, "Sony’s ambitions when it comes to installed base are considerable, so we’re not talking about the ultra-rich".

This isn’t the first time the hardware manufacturer’s attempted to quell fears of an over-prized product. SCEE boss Andrew House also said earlier this year that the platform would retail for an “affordable” price.

Similarly, SCEI Group CEO Kazuo Hirai previously commented that the firm had made an effort to consider component costs for NGP in order to keep the price down.

NGP hits stores in Japan in winter 2011.