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Night Slashers: Remake Brings Horror-Themed Brawling To PS5, PS4

Forever Entertainment and Storm Trident have announced that Night Slashers: Remake is in development for PS5, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

A remake of the original 1994 horror-themed beat-‘em-up developed by Data East, Night Slashers: Remake features seven varied stages devised into multiple sections, battling against numerous zombies to progress. You won’t get far unless you dispatch all the undead on the screen though, as your progress will be halted until all enemies are defeated.

Players will have a unique roster of heroes to choose form, and improved combat mechanics make executing combos, aerial attacks, and special moves a walk in the park. Meanwhile, visual improvements include dynamic lighting and blood splatters, further enhancing the action compared to the original version.

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Meanwhile, Night Slashers: Remake allows you to choose from the classic OST or the newly-arranged soundtrack, and features a revamped character selection screen for a more striking representation of the iconic heroes.

Night Slashers: Remake has yet to attract a release date.