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Nightdive Studios Reveals The Thing: Remastered, Arriving Later This Year

The Thing: Remastered has been officially revealed from Nightdive Studios, after it was hinted that that the studio that specializes in remakes and remasters would be taking on the project.

The new version of the 2002 game based on the 1982 classic film will be available on PC and consoles “later this year,” and was revealed during the IGN Live event ahead of the official Summer Game Fest main presentation.

Revealed with a chilling trailer, the remaster looks to be an upgrade for the classic game in more ways than you would expect for something just titled “remaster.” Which is to say, it looks great for a 22 year old game.

You can check out the reveal trailer for yourself, below.

The new remaster will include full 4K visuals on the most modern consoles and run at 120FPS. Players can also expect to see improved character models, textures, animations and a whole re-working to the lighting and atmospheric effects.

Source – [IGN]