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Nioh 2 Update 1.08 Patch Notes Unleashed

Team Ninja has unwrapped the full list of Nioh 2 update 1.08 patch notes for your consumption. The update is available to download now for the PlayStation 4 title, and comes with extensive adjustments to the game’s Youkai skills.

Nioh 2 Update 1.8 Patch Notes

Adjusting youkai skills

Adjustments have been made to achieve an overall balance centering on techniques that are difficult to feel power and effect .

  • Tweaked “Ushioni”
    so that it is easier to hit
  • Increased the
    damage of the soul ” firewheel” and eased the consumption power
  • Adjusted to also hit the front side of the appearance position of the soul “ Daidarabochi ”
  • Tweaked “Sake Drinking Doji”
    to reduce stiffness after attacking and make it easier to hit
  • Alleviates
    stiffness after attacking the soul “Kagetsu Warrior” and increases damage
  • Soul soul “poison slimming” / Soul soul “Kokaibozu”
    Adjusted to reduce stiffness after attack and allow rapid fire
  • Adjusted to release more amrita when biting the soul stomach “Gaki”
  • Soul savage “Yamaba”
    attack hastened, and the duration of beneficial effects has been adjusted upward
  • Increased
    the hit count of “Iron Rat” attack on Souls
  • Alleviates stiffness after attacking the soul “Karatengu” and adjusts damage upward
  • Adjusted to make it easier to hit “Samoku Hachimen” attacks
  • Increased the
    number of hits in the soul potter ‘s wheel
  • Mitigates stiffness after attacking the soul squad “ Gaijitai ”
  • Increased the chance of dropping herbal medicines when hitting “Kyorei” soul charges
  • Increases the consumption power by making the opponent frightened even when hit by the soul cow “Gyutoki” youkai
  • Adjusted
    power damage down to increase the chance of hitting the soul “Ichigoki” attack , and increased consumption power
  • Reduced the maximum number of reversals when hitting the terrain ” Yatanagami ” by 1 to increase the consumption power
  • Soul
    damage “Otake Maru” / Soul soul “Tara umbrella monster” “Ushioni” “Princess Nagabe” “Daidarabochi” “Wedge” damage has been adjusted down


    • The drop rates of the following souls have been adjusted upwards:
      Poison Slime
      Oni (Tu)
      Oni (Wed)
      Oni (Thunder)
      Tang Umbrella Haunted
    • Adjusted enemies in the Training Area mission, Training Field, to strengthen as the game progresses
    • Training area missions “Basic Action Operation” and “Yokai Operation / Furious / Jun / Phantom” are always adjusted to level sync.
    • Adjusted maximum power for sword martial art “Yasha Ichimonji”
    • Changed the ability to customize martial arts customization skills for “Yunye”
    • For the spear martial art “Basara Sandan”, relaxed the determination of success in the murder and increased the power of success
    • The spear martial arts “Aoarashi” has been adjusted so that it is easier to pursue a successful hit and has shorter stiffness
    • Ax martial arts “Kumai Shi” can now set martial arts customization skills to add attributes
    • Changed martial arts customization skills to add attributes to orb martial arts “Shurarenmai” and “Sweeping legs”
    • Relaxed the timing at which the Samurai skill “Ryu-Ryu” can be activated from “Onimai / Heaven”, “Onimai / People”, and “Onimai / Land”
    • The power of the attack is increased by increasing the power of a powerful blow that can be activated with the secret of a sword.
    • In the mystery of Yin-Yang operation, “Yo no Setsuna”, the upward movement of the operation that gives you an advantageous effect has been adjusted to be even faster
    • Ninjutsu-related effects (such as “absorb health during ninjutsu”) have been changed to “gunpowder balls” and “roasted balls”
    • When making a monster with the special effect “Activate a monster with 0 physical strength (in the darkness)”, change the transformation effect so that the advantageous effect and disadvantageous effect are not erased
    • Adjusted so that actions do not become one pattern when fighting while keeping a distance from “Asai Nagamasa”
  • Adjusted aiming when holding long range weapons to make it easier to see

Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where the special effect “Martial arts damage +%” was not reflected in the enhanced martial arts “ Yang” and “ Yin” of the hatchet martial arts “Tayama Start” and “Sun Moon Start”.
    • Fixed a bug that some attributes of the hatchet do not reflect the attribute of special effects
    • Fixed a bug where hitting a specific enemy with the chain sniper tactics “Snake Biting” would not allow you to sacrifice
    • Fixed a bug where the Naginata-Kama Martial Arts “Sankugyo” was prone to outbursts
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t be devastated by the chain sword martial art “Kizui Mizugami”
    • Fixed a bug where the spear martial arts “Chidori” sometimes slipped behind
    • In the following martial arts, martial arts customize skill effect Fixed a bug that has not been granted
        two sword martial arts “heavy-cross”
        the first stage other than the spear martial arts “Hisari Vol.2”
        “kicking god of water” kusarigama martial arts “dropped Kegon”
        halberd sickle martial arts “ Evil Judgment 2 ”
    • Fixed the effect of Samurai skill “ Zenshin Human ” not to disappear when entering poison swamps or sewage
    • Fixed a bug that caused the effect of the half-skill “ Kinshi no Strike ” effect on Amrita instead of Amrita gauge
    • Fixed a bug where the special effects “Enemy’s Continuous Damage” and “Continuous Damage to Enemies” were separate, and were integrated into the former
    • Fixed a bug where the effects of increasing the power of martial arts and bare hands were reflected only in some of the youkai skills
    • Fixed a bug where the attack power was greatly reduced when using the youkai technique with bare hands
    • Fixed a bug where the level sync was not reflected in the monster attack
    • Fixed an issue where the attack did not hit properly for the monster technique of “Kama puta”
    • Fixed a bug that caused some monsters to get stuck after coming up when hit by the guardian spirit “Genbu”
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t directly attack a monster when you successfully performed a special skill against some monsters.
    • Fixed a bug where you could not select another candidate for a finished product when using a soul charge that can be transplanted as a material in “Soul alignment” of “Blacksmith”
    • Fixed a bug where a different weapon type was displayed on the material when setting a long-range weapon as the base in “Soul alignment” of “Blacksmith”
    • Fixed a bug where the damage dealt to the rarest would be displayed even if the “Display damage of allies other than yourself” was set to “Hide”
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t purchase a copy in the tea room if the system data was deleted, even if the conditions were met on the character data side
  • Other minor bug fixes