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Nioh 2 Update 1.14 Patch Notes Revealed, Features Gameplay Adjustments

Team Ninja has unsheathed the Nioh 2 update 1.14 patch notes for you to digest, which is now live for PS4 and comes packing a wealth of gameplay-related tweaks. Read up on the latest Nioh 2 patch notes below.

Nioh 2 Update 1.14 Patch Notes

Additional elements

  • Added a picture scroll where the enemies and bosses appearing in the “Ushiwaka Senki” appear in “Hyakki Yayuki Picture Scroll / Shura” that is available at the difficulty level “Shura no Yumeji”


  • Adjusted the following items for the equipment that can be obtained when destroying an enemy on the difficulty level of “Shura no Yumeji”
    • Increased the appearance rate of special effects that do not appear in “Rehabilitation” of the blacksmith
    • Raise the lower limit and adjust upward to make it easier for the upper limit to appear in the randomly determined range of special effect numbers.*There is no change in the upper limit itself
  • Adjusted to make it easier to hit enemies when the “Bounce fishing bottle” training technique is released from the second stage of the fast attack on the upper stage
  • Changed the specifications of special effects that are activated during the youkai monster to activate during the monsterization attack from the success of the special skill
  • The special effect “Reflecting ammunition with the previous guard” has been changed to reflect some missiles other than ammunition.
    * The target that can be reflected is the same as the “Kaiten blade” of the Naginata sickle martial arts and the “Refutoku” of Yin-Yoji
  • Downward adjustment of each reward (Amrita/Money) for “Gake Crab” and “Nuppefuhofu”
  • Upward adjustment of each reward (Amrita/Money) for bosses appearing in “Ushiwaka Senki”

Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug related to the hit behavior of the middle attack (when using “separate freely”) in the middle stage of “Preparation”
    • Fixed a bug that “Thief’s Law” does not activate when “Clear Wave” is performed on a monster enemy
    • With the martial arts “Kou Ryu Fang”, “Kou Ryu Claw”, “Kou Ryukaku”, and “Musou Futake” set, you can transform the youkai into a monster if you turn into a monster near an enemy that can be combined and attacked. Fixed a bug that cancels and does not move to grouping
    • Fixed an issue where in the Emaki mission, if the physical strength is reduced by a certain amount immediately after the appearance of “Kashinshi”, “Kashinshi” does not attack
    • Fixed an issue where in the Emaki mission, if you destroy the “Kashishinji” by grouping, you will not be killed but will be revived
    • Fixed a problem that in some Emaki missions, if you die at the same time as destroying the boss, the company can not be used after resuming and the Emaki gauge may become 0
    • Fixed a bug that players who have not released “Shura no Yumeji” can play the mission of “Hyakki Yayuki Emaki / Shura” by performing a specific procedure with Tokiyo
    • Fixed a problem that when the host opened the “Mission Selection” screen and automatically stood up due to the passage of time, they couldn’t progress
    • Fixed an issue where the Emaki mission was started by following a specific procedure when you had no “Hyakki Yayuki Emaki” in the regular scroll of the Emaki mission.
    • Fixed a bug that an application error might occur during a specific event when playing with three people in the same world in the main mission of Ushiwaka Senki “Arashi calm whistle”
    • Fixed a bug where the boss would not appear after restarting if it died at the same time as the boss of the Ushiwaka Senki’s main mission “Arashi calm whistle” was destroyed
    • Fixed a bug that the boss’s lunge attack might not stop in the boss battle in the multiplayer of the main mission “Hitoyokatsu no Hate” in Ushiwaka Senki
    • Fixed a bug where the boss might not move for a certain period of time after completing the great sword martial arts “Boar twist” in the boss battles of the Ushiwaka Senki missions “Hitoyokatsu no Hate” and “Shiroeda Beyond”
    • Fixed a bug that caused the host to leave the mission first and then “Cooperative play failed” when the host exited the mission when calling Ushiwaka Senki’s submission “Todoroku Heiraku”
    • Fixed a bug that the treasure chest that is a condition to be fulfilled disappeared and could not be progressed if you failed in certain circumstances and continued in the delivery mission “Ryobei no Kizuna”
    • Fixed a problem that the soul generation that drops in “Shura no Yumeji” may be given “Succession inheritance by stacking souls” to some rare generation soul generations
    • Fixed an issue with the armor of Ushiwaka armor, in which the “equipment weight” at the time of rarity “sacred” was inappropriately high
  • Corrected the problem that the operation when opening the warehouse becomes heavy when the total number of items in the warehouse increases.
  • Adjusted the contact judgment of each icon when operating with the left stick on the weapon type selection screen of “Skill acquisition”
  • Fixed a bug that if you start with NEW GAME in the version from Ver1.11 to Ver1.13, the information of “Production method” passed to the blacksmith will be lost by the end of the game.
    * By applying Ver1.14, the information on the handed over recipe will be restored.
  • Fixed a problem that the setting of “body decoration” might be initialized in Character Create.