No extra characters for console SSFIV: Arcade Edition

Capcom has no plans to release any extra Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition characters post-launch, reports Dengeki PlayStation.

The add-on hits PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Marketplace on June 7, with a boxed copy also in the pipeline for June 24. It’ll set you back $14.99 regardless of which version you purchase.

Meanwhile, Dengeki also got the scoop on a few other Capcom-related projects, confirming Asura’s Wrath is still on track will be released in 2012.

Elsewhere, Dragon’s Dogma will allow you to customise your main character in areas that go beyond physical appearance, and you can also apparently leap on to the back of townfolk, though they won’t necessarily like it.

Lastly, Capcom’s apparently flirting with the possibility of incorporating an easy command mode for crossover brawler Street Fighter x Tekken.