No Man’s Sky Guide – Wanted Levels and Avoiding the Sentinels

The No Man’s Sky universe is just as dangerous as it is wondrous to explore. While you’re going about your business, self-replicating robotic machines called the Sentinels may attack, so you need to be on your guard. Follow this No Man’s Sky guide to understand wanted levels and avoiding the Sentinels.

Who are the Sentinels?

The Sentinels in No Man’s Sky take the form of flying drones, bipedal and quadrupedal combat units that are armed with deadly weapons, such as turrets, to help protect the planet from your pilfering and mining of rare resources. Destroy their precious planets and they’ll be after you!

no mans sky sentinels

How No Man’s Sky’s Wanted Levels work

No Man’s Sky features a Wanted System which ranges from one to five stars. As you rise up the levels from your unruly behaviour, the more powerful and aggressive the Sentinels will persue you, and the smaller chance you’ll have of surviving.

No Man’s Sky tips: how to lower your No Man’s Sky Wanted level

So, here are some tips to help you understand how to avoid a high No Man’s Sky Wanted Level so that you can explore in relative peace.

Your wanted level will increase if you:

  • Do anything you shouldn’t under the gaze of the Sentinels

That includes destroying fauna and mining too many resources. Deplete a planet’s resources too much and they’ll be on your tail.

Wait for them to move away and stealthily go about your business, or go elsewhere to gather resources.

  • Attack the wildlife

Doing so will create a commotion if the Sentinels are near, especially if you’re in the habit of destroying lots of creatures! Avoid direct conflict and run away from wildlife if the Sentinels are patrolling.

  • Attack the Sentinels

If you’ve got a death wish then go ahead, but if you don’t want to be chased by psychotic robots then under no circumstances attack them

  • Steal stuff from traders

No one likes their stuff stolen, especially from right under their noses, so don’t do it unless you’re happy gambling with your Wanted Level. The Sentinels hate thieves!

  • Cause havoc in space

Yes, the Sentinels also patrol the skies. Sentinel Interceptors may attack you if you attack other ships that are minding their own business. They’ll also be on the case if you attack a star system’s Space Station.

What happens if you die in No Man’s Sky?

You can die in No Man’s Sky, and the results can be devastating. Bring your Wanted Levels down by running away from conflict when necessary, and don’t destroy the planet’s fauna and wildlife when the Sentinels are near. If you do, you’ll lose the items that you’ve gathered and can even lose your ship.

Defend yourself though, and it’s all good

The good news is the Sentinels aren’t everywhere, so you’ll get plenty of opportunity to freely explore without getting collared by No Man’s Sky’s law enforcers. They also don’t always come after you! If you’re simply defending yourself from attack, the Sentinels will know the difference and allow you to protect yourself without interfering. They’re also passive in nature, unless you piss them off!

Good luck, space explorers!