No Man’s Sky update still planned as Hello Games talks launch woes


No Man’s Sky update – Hello Games at GDC

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has touched on new updates for its troubled space-exploration title for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference, the studio’s founder, Sean Murray, confirmed that the company is in the process of putting aside cash to fund additional projects that focus on "procedural [world] generation and experimental games research."

Murray also touched on the number of gamers who fired up No Man’s Sky at launch in contrast to Hello Games’ low-ball prediction. “It’s a huge game, obviously," Murray said. "That [number] made us a little bit nervous about servers, and the sheer number of people booting the game up day one."

It was on par with games I’d launched before, like Burnout, but we were just operating at a different scale," he continued. "It was far beyond what I’d experienced before, in terms of people playing a game."

Elsewhere, Murray said that the No Man’s Sky Foundation update has hit one million players, although he didn’t clarify if this was a concurrent or combined count, nor did he specify if this pertained to PC, PS4, or both. "Something we kept hearing [about the Foundation update] was, the game feels a little bit more epic, or, there’s a different feel to it," Murray said. "That is the terrain. I know because when our changes went in, everyone on our team started saying [the same thing]. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly why, but you know you’re seeing more interesting places and things you haven’t seen before."

Finally, Hello Games promised to continue producing new mathematical content-generation systems for No Man’s Sky, plus the studio’s new title currently in development. "Making really neat, weird engine decisions, and letting them dictate a cascade of problems: it’s cool for me to be able to stand up and say to talented people like yourselves, we’re looking for that kind of thing,” said Murray.

No Man’s Sky was released for PS4 and PC in August 2016. Read the No Man’s Sky review.

Source: Arstechnica