No online co-op in campaign for The Last of Us, what’s in store for multiplayer?

We’ve known for some time now that The Last of Us has an online component, but what that means has remained a bit of a mystery. While it’s still a bit foggy, we now know it will not include online co-op for the main campaign.

Speaking with Gaming Examiner, Neil Druckmann, game director, said “We are supporting multiplayer with The Last of Us. However, we can say that it is not co-op within the main campaign.”

So what does this mean? It’s likely we’ll see some kind of co-op mode that’s outside the regular campaign, perhaps something that runs parallel. It’s hard to tell if The Last of Us would make for a good online competitive romp, but we wouldn’t put anything past Naughty Dog.

Let us know what you would like to see from the multiplayer now learning there will be no online co-op in the main campaign. Check out our E3 preview, in case you missed it.