No plans for further PS3 price cut, says Sony

Sony Corp.’s Ryoji Chubachi has confirmed that there is currently no plans to lower the price of PlayStation 3 beyond its recent USD 100 price cut in North America.

During a recent gathering of executives in Shizuoka Prefecture, Chubachi told Reuters; "We’ve announced the price cut in the U.S and have no additional plans beyond that at this time.” Analyst were initially left surprised by the announcement of the price cut in North America, coming only days after Chubachi previously told Reuters that the firm had no plans to take such action.

Furthermore, many have questioned the significance that a USD 100 price cut would have for PS3, taking into consideration the lead currently held by Nintendo’s Wii, a videogames console which currently retails for more than USD 200 less than Sony’s next-generation system.

A tenable theory held by some analysts and companies is that Sony would have to lower the price point again following the depletion of the 60GB system, which is only available at a reduced price until stock sells out. This would leave only the USD 599 80GB model, which many feel would either need to be supplemented by a cheaper option, or have its priced reduced altogether.

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Source: Reuters