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Nour Play With Your Food Serving Up A Treat On PS5 In Summer 2021, Watch The New Trailer

Sony has served up a Nour: Play With Your Food trailer confirming the game will be dished out on PS5 in Summer 2021.

Tuck into the new trailer below.

Nour: Play With Your Food was originally announced for PS5 last summer by Terrifying Jellyfish, and is described as an ‘interactive exploration into the aesthetics of food and drink.’ As the name implies, you can fiddle with your food as much as you please, whether that be making a complete mess or arranging your grub into your ideal dish.

Once that’s done, it’s over to the games’ photo mode to live out your food blogger’s dream by taking snapshots of your dishes to be judged on social media.

Terrifying Jellyfish also revealed some new details on Nour: Play With Your Food in the trailer, including the implementation of music to manipulate the environment by engaging in random acts of culinary delight. Music will heat up, cool down, rise, mix and melt, ensuring that no two play throughs are the same as you go about your business.

The studio describes Nour’s music as diagonal with a cheery on top; how the music plays is entirely dependent on the dish you are creating, with your actions and ingredients determine how the melodies will flow.

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Nour: Play With Your Food will launch in Summer 2021 for PS5.