Nyko Metal Pedal Impressions

Launched alongside Guitar Hero Metallica, Nyko’s cleverly-named ‘Metal Pedal’ seeks to bring a reliable drum pedal option to the mass market. Disappointed with some of the standard drum pedals available, we decided to give Nyko’s pedal a shot.

The Metal Pedal is really easy to set up out of the box — just remove a small yellow tab from under the pedal, then plug it in and you’re golden. Nyko’s Metal Pedal is, as the name implies, plated with medal, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or wearing out. Additionally, if you’re crazy like us and own both Rock Band and Guitar Hero, you’re in luck: the Metal Pedal is compatible with all Rock Band and Guitar Hero drum controllers. It also comes with a splitter for dual-pedal functionality and has a nifty coiled wire to prevent tangles.

The pedal feels like a sturdier, slightly-enhanced version of Rock Band 2’s standard drum pedal. It has decent rebound, with a fair — but not frustrating — amount of resistance. It’s not massively better than the Rock Band 2 pedal, but it totally trumps both the flimsy Guitar Hero pedal and the delicate Rock Band 1 pedal. Plus, since the Metal Pedal comes with a splitter, it’s a great replacement for any standard pedal, which can then be relegated to a second pedal for your other foot.


Stylistically, the pedal is Metal-oriented; the pun wouldn’t make much sense if it wasn’t. The orange wire and pedal connection look fine, but we’re not too keen on the skeleton. It is shiny metal, which is pretty neat, but the design is a bit garish. That is entirely subjective, however. Realistically, you’re not going to be looking at the pedal while you play, so it’s essentially irrelevant anyway.

Let’s get one thing straight: the Metal Pedal is not the best product for you if you want an absolutely top-of-the-line Rock Band or Guitar Hero drum pedal. Significantly more expensive alternatives like the Omega Pedal or The Destroyer Pedal are formed from real drum pedals, and as a result they feel more realistic and will probably propel you to a higher position on the leaderboards. Comparing an Omega Pedal to a Medal Pedal, however, is like comparing a Toyota Camry to a Lamborghini Murciélago; it’s not exactly fair from a price perspective. If you’re an avid Rock Band and Guitar Hero drummer and have $100 to burn, you should consider one of the high-end pedals. At a mere $20, however, the Metal Pedal is the right economic choice.