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Oddworld Soulstorm Update 1.060.000/1.06 Out Now For PS5 And PS4 With NPC And UI Improvements

Oddworld Inhabitants has unwrapped the Oddworld Soulstorm update 1.060.000/1.06 for PS5 and PS4, respectively, which comes equipped with a bunch of key fixes for the game, including improvements to NPCs and the UI.

Read up on the latest Oddworld Soulstorm patch notes below.

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  • Improvements to cover in The Blimp (more to come here)
  • Prevented the player being able to loop around in Phat Station and get stuck
  • Abe now connects to monkey bars much more reliably (more improvements coming here too)
  • Fixed Mudokons occasionally being reluctant to enter lockers
  • Fixed unresponsive Sligs after they’ve been on high alert
  • Slap mines will now turn on/off as expected, whichever is closest to Abe when activated
  • Streamer mode timer now stops when the game is paused or focus is elsewhere (PC)
  • Fixed Stoopy and Alf occupying the same space during the cutscene at the end of The Ruins
  • NPC AI Improvements (notes per PS4)
  • UI Improvements (notes per PS4)
  • Level Navigation Improvements (notes per PS4)

Oddworld Soulstorm is now available for PS4 and PS5.

Source – [Oddworld Inhabitants]