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One-Hit-Kill Fighter Die By The Blade Launches Nov. 3 On PS5, PS4

Triple Hill Interactive has announced that Die By The Blade, the spiritual successor to PSOne classic Bushido Blade, will launch on November 3, 2022 for PS5 & PS4.

Check out the trailer accompanying the announcement below.

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Die By The Blade employs a lethal combat system where it’s possible to kill enemies in a single strike, although the game has been carefully balanced to ensure that anyone is able to get to grips with it. You and your opponent can simply set the difficultly level to determine the experience.

Beyond the blood-drenched combat, players can also get to grips with a customisation system that allows you to tinker with multiple skins and various options to create a warrior that reflects your style. There’s also a single-player campaign to tuck into, where you’ll follow the tale of a travelling swordsman named Yoshiide.

Die By The Blade is out on November 3 for PS5 & PS4.