Outlast 2 hinted at by Red Barrels boss

Philippe Morin, the found of developer Red Barrels, has hinted that we may see a sequel to the company’s hit scare-‘em-up, Outlast.

Speaking with OPM UK in regards to the possibility of Outlast 2, Morin commented: “It’s always been our goal to build a world in which several games could take place.

“Murkoff is a busy corporation all around the world,” he continued. “We still have a lot of ideas for horror games, so we’re definitely sticking to our guns for a while longer.”

Outlast was released for PS4 in February, and takes place in a spooky asylum infested with malevolent beings known as ‘The Variants.’ Devoid of combat, gamers must explore the area while using the environment to their advantage in order to evade a grisly death at the hands of the blood-thirsty patients lurking throughout the complex.

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via OPM UK, issue 096