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Outriders ‘Expeditions’ Look Like Highly Replayable, Tough End-Game Missions


Outriders‘ end-game missions, Expeditions, have been detailed in today’s Outriders Broadcast 4, with People Can Fly giving us our first look at the post-campaign content for the game.

After beating the campaign, you will spawn in a new camp with a number of new locations to explore from the map. These new locations are comprised of key points of interest which have appeared after the main events of the story. All of these locations in Expeditions are band new content and not recycled. They have their own mechanics and storylines.

Built into these Expeditions are Challenge Tiers which provide better rewards for those who are able to complete the missions the fastest. Loot won’t come from enemies, with all rewards coming at the end of a complete mission. This tier progression and completing each one will unlock the final 15th expedition

Each Challenge Tier represents the level of the enemies in that mission and also the loot you will get. These Expeditions are brutal and aimed at the highest level players and fine-tuning builds and your Outrider will be necessary. Crafting, equipping mods and customising your weapon will all be needed to ensure you are able to complete these tough missions.

You can watch the Outriders Expeditions gameplay video below:

Outriders releases for PS5 and PS4 on February 2, 2021.