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Outriders Pyromancer, Devastator, Trickster Classes Explained


Outriders is set to feature four unique classes and we currently know of three of them. We recently got to check out around three hours of the game as well as go hands-on with all three classes. People Can Fly has created some unique powers and tricks and all three of the game’s classes have different specialities, tricks, and abilities. Here are the Outriders Pyromancer, Devastator, and Trickster classes explained.

Outriders Pyrmonacer Class Explained

The Pyromancer class is focused around medium range abilities and power, along with a dose of flammable material to add a punch. The majority of their abilities have a large area-of-effect, damaging as many enemies as possible.

These abilities include a fire wall that ravages the battlefield and everyone in its way, a burst of ash that stuns anyone around you, and a seeking fire trail that will find its way to the targeted enemy and set them on fire, causing them to explode gloriously if killed whilst burning.

The Pyromancer heals when enemies that have been hit by one of their skills are killed. It also has a balanced mix of agility and durability. You can watch 45 minutes of Outriders gameplay, including a look at the Pyromancer on our website.


Outriders Devastator Class Explained

Quite simply, the Devastator is your tank. Choosing this class will allow you to soak up damage and use the power of the Earth to output damage against enemies up close.

Some of the Devastator’s powers include the ability to cover your skin in rocks and gain armour, leap into a group of enemies and ground pound (sending shockwaves through the soil as you do so).

If you’re up close and personal, then you will have more than enough healing power, as enemies that die near to the Devastator will regenerate their health.


Outriders Trickster Class Explained

The Trickster is the most unique class of the three announced so far. They focus on jumping into the fray and hopping back out just as fast as they entered. The class has the most mobility and manipulates time and space to confuse their enemies.

Trickster’s can slow down time, teleport behind an enemy to deal a chunk of damage, and make use of a powerful Temporal Slice melee attack that does so much damage their enemies turn to skeletons.

For every enemy killed in close range, the Trickster’s health will regenerate and the duration of their shield will extend to compensate for the lower health of the class.


That covers everything we know about the three classes in Outriders so far. There is a secretive fourth class in the game, but People Can Fly won’t lift the lid on that one until later in the year. If you want to check out our full thoughts of the game and why it could make a big impact on PS5, be sure to read our impressions here.

Outriders releases for both PS4 and PS5 in holiday 2020.

Square Enix paid for the accommodation and travel to the Outriders Preview Event.