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Overwatch 2 On PS5 Is Experiencing Frame Drops That Make It ‘Unplayable’

Overwatch 2 players are flocking to Blizzard’s forums and Reddit to air their frustrations with the PS5 version of the hero shooter, which is experiencing major frame drops since the release of Season 8 yesterday.

One player, known as Sartell, wrote on Blizzard’s forum:

I play on PS5 with 120 Hz monitor and settings for that output, but randomly either in [fights] or walking back from spawn, even on menus, I am dropping down to what seems like single digit to low double digit frames per second.

Meanwhile, other players are noting that Overwatch 2 has become “unplayable” due to the frame drops, with the frame rate dipping below 20 FPS in some cases. While the issued isn’t just limited to the PS5, it doesn’t seem quite as noticeable on other formats.

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Fortunately, Blizzard has acknowledged the problem in its list of known issues, revealing that “We are investigating reports of performance issues for some platforms.” Hopefully that means a fix is on the way soon.

[Source – Blizzard Forums via Engadget]