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How To Set Up Overwatch 2 SMS Protect When You Can’t Use Your Phone Number

Overwatch 2 SMS Protect, How To Set Up Overwatch 2 SMS Protect, Overwatch 2 – Overwatch 2 is currently suffering from a troubled launch thanks to DDoS attacks, but it’s worth thinking about setting up your Overwatch 2 SMS project.

Unfortunately, Blizzard employs a notoriously picky system that doesn’t allow VOIP/Internet phone numbers, plus some prepaid services. As such, if you can’t get a verification text, you can’t play the game.

This guide should prove useful if 1) you have a number that Blizzard’s strict system is not allowing as it’s on a prepaid/pay-as-you-go service, 2) you don’t want to use your real number due to privacy concerns or 3) you simply don’t have a phone service right now.

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Overwatch 2 SMS Protect – How To Set Up

Fortunately, it’s a pretty simple process! Users will need to download an application known as Talkatone that allows you to make a phone number for whatever region your Blizzard account is linked to, and it will be accepted.

Today, millions of people worldwide use Talkatone free calling app for free or low-cost calling, texting, chatting and other social sharing services. And, unlike other communications apps, we enable you to call, text, chat and share with friends and family that do not have the app installed, making Talkatone the only app that offers true in and out of network communications to most telephone numbers.

The download is free and more info can be found here.