Paladins Premier League to be streamed exclusively on Facebook

paladins premier league

In a press release, Hi-Rez Studios and the World Esports Assocation (WESA) have announced that the Paladins Premier League eSports content will be streamed exclusively on Facebook Live, and even let amateur players a "path" to complete professionally through Facebook Groups.

If you’re not familiar with the Paladins Premier League, it’s a newly-established official eSports league of Hi-Rez’s highly successful first-person hero game, Paladins. The Premier League consists of 10 member organizations from the WESA, and pro players will ear a minimum salary, with teams participating in revenue sharing of league profits. You can check out the Paladins Premier League announcement trailer below.

With over 15 million players worldwide, Paladins fans and would-be pro players will be able to take on top-tier gameplay, live coverage and community-based features with Facebook’s integration. There’s going to be a weekly Paladins eSports show on "Watch," Facebook’s new platform for shows that will bring news, analysis and breakdowns of the pro Paladins scene.

The Paladins Premier League will launch fall of 2017 on Facebook, which you can check out and "Like" and "Follow" right here.

For those who want to try Paladins or think they want to someday be part of the Paladins professional teams, you can download the game for free right here.