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Paragon Assets Worth $12 Million Being Given Away By Epic Games

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Paragon, the doomed free-to-play MOBA which is shutting down in April, may live on within its game assets. Paragon shuts down its servers on April 26, and if you've purchased anything in game you'll be able to get a refund.

Paragon Assets Being Given Away

Though its fans are unsurprisingly disappointed, there is an upside. Epic Games will giving away assets from the game worth $12 million to Unreal Engine 4 developers. Paragon packs will be downloaded from the Unreal Engine Marketplace entirely for free, and include:

  • 20 AAA-quality characters
  • Skins, animations, VFX
  • Dialogue
  • 1,500 environment components

Paragon Assets Worth $12 Million And More To Follow

Epic Games detailed what is currently available in the Paragon packs:

Each character pack includes the base meshes, textures, skins, animations, abilities and character FX, and dialogue. Additionally, Shinbi's animation Blueprints have been reconstructed to provide an example of how to set them up for the other character packs.

The environment pack includes a number of elements from both the Monolith and Agora maps, including structures such as turrets, inhibitors, and towers. Additionally, a sample map built with pieces from Monolith, Agora, and Kite demo assets is included.

The Announcer Audio pack includes the sound cues and .wav files for the announcer's dialogue.

Epic Games has offered some technical guidance on how to get started, and promises to release even more assets once the Paragon game servers shut down in April. If you’re a PS4 player, and want to know how to get a refund on your Paragon purchases, you’ll need to fill out the online form.