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Payday 3 Players On PS5 Who Bought The Gold Edition Still Can’t Redeem The Extra Content They Paid For

Payday 3 launched almost exactly three weeks ago if you bought the Gold edition of the game, which granted you a few days early access before the rest of the world.

You were also granted a bunch of extra cosmetic content, or you were supposed to have been. Players on PS5 are still unable to redeem the extra content they paid for, as Payday 3’s community continues to wait for the game’s first major patch.

Starbreeze gave a small update to players on Monday, saying that it needed more time for this first patch that is meant to fix many more issues beyond players on PS5 accessing content they paid for.

“Heisters, we’re sorry for the lack of communication regarding the first patch. We have identified some issues that need to be fixed before we can bring it to you, but rest assured that this is the main priority for our teams.

We’re spending additional time revamping our patching process to ensure that we can have a steady cadence and momentum with patches going forward.

We are careful with giving you an ETA right now, as we want to make sure we can deliver before we do so. Please bear with us. The patch (and more news) are coming.”

Hopefully this doesn’t result in another period of prolonged silence, though its difficult to really blame frustrated fans. Especially if you paid for the Gold edition.

Not only are you still without the things you paid for, the few days early access you had when it launched were soured by the fact that servers were a mess at launch, and getting into a heist was near impossible.

We gave Payday 3 a 7.5/10 in our review, noting that while the core gameplay is strong, some issues technical or otherwise drag it down at launch.

Source – [Starbreeze]