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Persona 3 Reload Download Size Revealed For PS5 & PS4

The ever-reliable PlayStation Game Size on Twitter has revealed the Persona 3 Reload download size for PS5 & PS4 versions of the game ahead of its launch on February 2, 2024.

According to the site, Persona 3 Reload will weigh in at 25.532GB and 24.457GB on PS5 & PS4, respectively, and will be available to preload from January 31, 2024.

Peronsa 3 Reload is a full remake of the original Persona 3, which was released in 2006. Like the original version of the game, Persona 3 Reload follows a high school student returning home to his home city 10 years after his parents were killed in a car crash. Soon after, he discovers the ability to summon a Persona — the physical embodiment of his inner spirit — and joins up with the Specialised Extracurricular Execution Squad, comprised of a group of fellow Persona users.

A full remake of Persona 3 was requested by fans for years following the series’ increased global popularity. The remake is a faithful adaptation in terms of story, but also brings a number visual and mechanical updates that brings it more in line with recent Personas games.

[Source – PlayStation Game Size on Twitter]

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