Personalize your gaming gear with images from Assassin’s Creed III

Do you want to take your gaming products and personalize them with images from Assassin’s Creed III? Cap That has you covered with the first social merchandise technology to capture any video moment and transform it into a custom product. It allows you to choose images from select trailers from Assassin’s Creed III and emblazon them on controllers, apparel, gadget cases, and more.

You can even capture images from any moment from your favorite game, movie or video and immortalize iton the item of your choice and share that custom creating with friends. Any creation shared in the Cap That showcase can also be purchased on-demand.

You can capture premium video from partners include Ubisoft and upload any footage via Facebook, Instagram, Viddy, or your perosnal library to create custom-designed objects.

“We have created a playground that empowers users to interact with digital video like never before. Users have the ability to capture their favorite moments from video and turn them into truly unique products, which they then can easily share across their social networks or post to Cap That’s showroom for others to see and buy” said David Hibbard, CEO and Founder of Cap That.

A unique, endless discovery portal laid out in mosaic style allows users to browse through their peers’ brilliant creations or create their own to share with the world. Content partners can discover how customers want to engage with their brands, and Cap That users enjoy unrestricted creative freedom to create, socially distribute and purchase virtually any custom product they can envision. Cap That brings a new approach to ancillary marketing for brands, giving its customers the power of creative freedom.

Geared up for more partnerships and brand integrations, Cap That launches today as a new way to memorialize, socialize and custom-create any kind of product imaginable.