PES 2016: How to add licensed kits and club badges on PS4

PES 2016 is a fantastic football game, which I’ve found to be the most enjoyable footy experience this generation. Of course there is always that vocal cry of ‘’yeah, but it doesn’t have all the Premier League team’s kits, badges and that’’ from devout FIFA fans, and while there is an edit mode that can help to rectify some of that it takes far too long for many players and is nowhere near as detailed as previous PES edit modes. Instead you should follow this step-by-step guide to finding and adding official Premier League, Sky Bet Championship and various other assets (with more to be added) to implement into the game and help make PES more authentic visually.

pes 2016 arsenal kit

PES 2016: How to add licensed kits and badges

  • You’ll need a USB stick with at least a couple of GB of space on it, and on that stick you need to create a folder named WEPES. This is where you will place the kit images et al.
  • Find a website that provides these meticulously designed kits and badges and proceed to download them to your computer, extract the files and place them in the WEPES folder of your USB stick. There are a few dedicated sites for this, but for the basis of this guide we will use PESWorld, which features the cracking work of Glen Patterson.
  • Load up PES 2016 and head over to Edit mode where you’ll find Data Management near the bottom of the menu. You will then be given the option to import the files into the relevant area (kits, emblems, competition logos, and manager image). Do so with the files you want.
  • Go back out of data management, but remain in the edit mode menu, and head for the ‘’Team’’ menu. Select the team you wish to modify, so for example; Arsenal in the Premier League, and change the team name from ‘’North London Red’’ to ‘’Arsenal’’ (you can find the real names of unlicensed teams in this guide), then go to emblem and choose Load. It should now present you with all the imported badges. Select Arsenal’s and it should now appear in place of the old emblem.
  • Now go to Strip and, starting with the home kit, alter the primary colours of the shirt to the something close to the correct real-life club colours. You don’t have to do this, but menu’s and radar will still show up the old colour and not recognise kit clashes automatically. Now go to Paste Image and select the Arsenal home kit from your images. There you have it, kit changed. Now do the same for the rest of the kits. If you need to create a third strip then simply press the square button.

Optional Step: You will likely have picked up manager images in the image packs too so if you want to implement those too you simply select Manager in the Team menu and choose to Load image. Pick the one that’s required (in this case Arsene Wenger) and it will appear in the previously silhouetted portrait image. You will also need to input the correct manager name as well.

  • Repeat the above steps for each team that needs to be edited.

pes 2016 manchester city kit

The finishing touch will be to utilize those competition logos you’ll have likely imported. To do this just select Competitions from the edit menu and choose the relevant competition you wish to edit. Select Logo and then Load to replace the default logo with your spangly official one. Rinse and repeat for each

league/cup/tournament. From the Competitions menu you can also choose if the teams representing that competition have the logos plastered on the arms of the their shirts to give it that extra touch of authenticity.

It’ll take a little time, but the results are fantastic, and there are other kits in the making from memorable seasons gone by such as the Manchester United 93/94 double-winning kits. Now to wait for the rosters to be updated…

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