PES 2017: How to add licensed teams, kits and badges

The lack of licensed teams, licensed kits and licensed badges are a constant thorn in the side of PES 2017. It isn’t the game’s fault of course, but it it hampers opinion of what is a very good game.

pes 2017 licensed kits

How to add licensed teams and make your game real

Luckily, there are some magical kit wizards out there who fill the gaps and produce kits,emblems and logos indistinguishable from the already-licensed teams and competitions. This year it’s even easier to make PES more accurate at depicting real teams and leagues. So follow our handy guide on how to import the Option Files that make PES even better.

First up, you’ll need a USB stick and a PC to make the magic happen for you. It can work off a Mac too, but reports suggest that the results may vary.

How to download and import PES 2017 option files

1. On your USB stick create a PES-specific folder to store the option file. The file needs to be called “WEPES” for your console or PC to recognise the folder.

2. Head onto your PC and download the option files from one of the myriad PES-dedicated sites, or you could follow this link here which we use and recommend, download the zip and extract its contents. Then, click and drag the files onto your USB stick and into the PES folder.

3. Start up the game and head into Extras – Edit, scroll down to Data Management – Import/Export.

4. After selecting “Import Team” a text box will appear stating “You can import images saved onto USB Flash memory.” It’ll warn of a cap on the number of imports, but don’t worry about that.

5. Select all of the files in the list and select ‘’next’’. Leave “select team import data” and Apply player and squad data” un-ticked and hit next. The game will then begin to automatically import them into the game for you. All the files will process while twiddle your thumbs for a bit.

6. After the processing has finished, save your game. Now you’re all done! The kits will be in the game and you can finally enjoy them in all their glory.

Create the official licensed teams

7. The option file we’ve referred to automatically adds on the crests, managers, rivals, and stadium photos as well as the kits, but beware! There has been some teething issues with the files causing the game to crash mid-upload, and that can make some of the files go a bit haywire. You have two options in this case. One is to go back, scrub everything and try again, but only importing 10-15 team files at a time. The other is to fix the errors yourself and manually change these.

8. For competition logos, go back into import/export and click “import image”. Select “competition emblems” to import images in the correct image size, otherwise they’ll look a bit off. Tick “import selected images” and choose all the league badges you want to bring across. You must then, after importing, choose which emblem goes where. It’s a bit time fiddly, but the results are more than worth it.