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PETA Urges Removal Of ‘Reprehensible’ Cockfighting Minigame In Far Cry 6

Ubisoft has come under fire from animal rights group PETA for including a minigame based on cockfighting in Far Cry 6.

The Latino branch of the organisation labelled the minigame as ‘reprehensible’ and has urged Ubisoft to remove the feature.

Turning a horrific blood sport like cockfighting into a Mortal Kombat-style video game match is a far cry from real innovation, as today’s society is strongly opposed to forcing animals to fight to the death.

Roosters used in cockfights are fitted with sharp spurs that tear through flesh and bone, causing agonizing and fatal injuries. PETA Latino urges Ubisoft to replace this reprehensible minigame with one that doesn’t glorify cruelty.

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