Peter Moore: next-gen to usher a rebirth in packaged goods

Peter Moore, chief operating officer of Electronic Arts, believes that the arrival of next-generation consoles will stimulate interest in disc-based products.

Chatting with MCV, Moore declared “with a new generation of consoles coming up, packaged goods will get a rebirth.”

“The tipping point will come,” insists Moore, “but it’s not that packaged is going away, it’s that digital is going up.”

“But let’s not misunderstand this. Our forecast this year is to also do $2.6bn in packaged goods. So there will be a £40 console game, but there will be an iPhone experience and a PC experience too. There is always a big opportunity for a Battlefield or a FIFA.”

Many industry giants have voiced their opinion on the demise of physical products as digital-based goods continue to prosper.

Just recently, Patrick Soderlund, EA’s senior vice president, said he feels while disc-based products are still a viable model, in the long run digital goods are likely to supplant them in the next decade or so.

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