Petition Treyarch to bring back Nuketown 2025 to Black Ops II multiplayer

Treyarch pulled Nuketown 2025 from multiplayer rotations, and avid players are already pushing for its return to Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Fans from the newest outing of Call of Duty has organized their intentions in the form of a petition, which, upon completion, will be presented to Treyarch. Alongside this petition is a video made by user Jaxendale filled with the love he has for thegame and the frustration that he, as well as many Call of Duty players, has endured through all of the business choices that the series has made over the years. Below is the video that Jaxendale posted, and the petition, if you’d like to join the cause, can be found right here

Via Black Ops II fan-based Facebook