Phil Harrison defends Sony on Sixaxis

A lot of people may believe that Sony is forcing developers to implement the PlayStation 3’s Sixaxis tilt feature. Most recently, it has been argued that Sony forced Lair producer, Factor 5, to add the motion control in the game. However, a recent statement by Sony’s corporate executive, Phil Harrison, defends Sony by saying that Sixaxis is actually something that is left up to the developer to decide if it falls into the grand scheme of what they are trying to do with their title in development.

"Motion control was definitely not mandated by us. We’ve always said all along that the use of the Sixaxis is something that should be decided by the developer in tune with their creative vision for the game, so it’s not something we would mandate."

Some would believe that Lair is a prime example of what can happen when Sixaxis implementation goes bad. So to counter that, many developers now offer the option to turn off tilt controls and replace them with the analog movement such as in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

Source: GameTrailers