PLATO brings education to your PSP

PLATO Learning has announced plans to release its educational software for Sony’s PlayStation Portable system across North America in April 2008.

The software, PLATO Achieve Now, aims to facilitate academic proficiency among elementary and middle school pupils by providing users with a fun learning experience set over a series of educational interactive mini-games.

The software targets a variety of key subjects, including language, reading and mathematics among 57 different games.

Todd Brekhus, Vice President of Product and Marketing Management at PLATO Learning, commented, "The concept of education lessons through games is quickly gaining traction with parents and teachers as a new way to reach today’s student.”

"Interactive gaming helps build valuable problem-solving skills through play, and PLATO Achieve Now helps harness those skills by adding rigorous academic content to the gaming experience – better than a boring worksheet."

"PLATO Learning is thrilled to be the first educational technology provider in North America to offer our educational software on such a hugely popular handheld entertainment system," added PLATO Learning CEO and President, Mike Morache.

"We believe educational gaming holds great promise for future improvement in student achievement, and PLATO Achieve Now on PSP system is a significant starting point for fulfilling this promise."