Play the Knack 2 demo on PS4 now, download live on PlayStation Store

 knack 2 demo ps4

The Knack 2 demo is now available to download on the PlayStation Store.

The action platformer sequel to the PS4 launch title gets a playable demo a week ahead of its retail release on September 5, 2017.

Check out 19 minutes of Knack 2 gameplay.

Directed by the PS4 architect, Mark Cerny, Knack 2 is all set to improve on its predecessor’s shortcomings. Knack 2 features many more combat moves than just the simple punch and kick mechanics of the original, and the move-set keeps expanding the more you play. There’s also a drop in/out cooperative that’s been implemented throughout the entire game.

The Knack 2 demo is available now, and those with a PS4 Pro can choose between the following performance/visual options.

  • HDR
  • 30 fps cap
  • High res mode
  • High frame rate mode