Play the official Patapon 2 flash game

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe revealed today that a rhythmic Patapon 2 minigame, Patapon 2: The Art of War, will be playable as an online flash game for one week only from March 9 to March 16. Completion of each of the game’s levels will unlock a special items and images which can be used to create unique Patapon wallpapers. Check out the flash game for yourself right here.

With 200% more content than the original, Patapon 2 features close to a hundred missions in a variety of new vivid 2D environments. Players will outfit their Patapon army, collect resources, and grow their tribe into a devastating fighting force. Patapon 2 also presents new Patapon characters, including bird riders, robots and magicians.

Patapon 2 will be available in the U.S. on May 5, 2009 for $19.99.