Playfire launches new Trophy card has launched a new version of their popular PS3 Trophy card. The new card updates your Trophy information (PSN level, Number of trophies, etc.) automatically without requiring anything other than your PSN username. In addition, the Playfire Trophy card has received a complete visual overhaul making it a trim 20% smaller than the official card.

Playfire has significantly upgraded its theming system to now allow users to update their Trophy card backgrounds with any image they like from their desktop. The theming makes customising the Trophy card really simple. By using an in-browser cropping tool all you have to do is upload an image you like and then reposition and resize it until it looks just right in the real-time preview.

In addition to the new automation and custom background theme features, Playfire has added a bunch of new features to the card such as PSN Level progression percentage, your leaderboard position, and your country flag.

Some examples in action: